The Powerful Benefits of Taking THCV and NMN

With the ongoing festivities, holidays should come with a warning. And by that, I mean a health hazard warning. The December jitters of finishing work while also trying to get Christmas shopping done on top of attending a string of holiday parties can really take a toll on your mind and body.

Valhalla Vitality has your back with its signature line of products to help you unload, unwind, and decompress from all these anxiety-laced activities. Biohacking your way throughout this season is more manageable with Valhalla Vitality's best products, such as Hypavar, Niavar, and Infuse. 

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Hypavar is a hemp-based product aimed to provide mental clarity, better focus, and an energy boost while providing anxiety relief without the crash. Infused with THCV and vitamin B12, Hypavar is just the stress reliever you need to counter all the holiday hustle while suppressing overindulgence. 

Niavar is made with an NMN supplement, a popular ingredient in reversing aging and increasing vitality. Niavar's mechanism works on restoring cellular function and repair, giving you that much-needed edge against holiday exhaustion. 

Infuse is unlike any transdermal treatment you see in the market. Its unique mechanism lies in better absorption of self-emulsifying nutrients needed for dulling pain, providing pain relief, and more nutrient absorption to promote faster healing. 

How To Use These Niche Biohacking Products

You can combat brain fog and lethargy by using Valhalla Vitality’s biohacking products. 


Hypavar, a THCV-based nootropic, was designed to help people stay sharp and focused during the colder months. Here's how you can best use it to maintain optimal function:


  • If you're doing a fast or looking to decrease food intake, it's best to take Hypavar in the morning to maximize its appetite-suppressing effects.

  • Microdoses of 10mg per day are generally safe. Hypavar helps in reducing sugar levels in the blood. So consuming this after meals might be best to minimize the potential for blood sugar swings.

As you age, your body produces more homocysteine, which can cause nutritional deficiencies and cardiovascular issues like stroke or heart attack. But don't worry, Niavar contains an innovative formulation with benefits for boosting energy, synergistic support against aging, and other health benefits to boost your overall health. Niavar is tagged as one of the best NMN supplements on the market, with two key methyl donors (MethylFolate and MethylB12) to reduce adverse side effects. 

  • Take two capsules per dose of Niavar to boost energy and benefit from its anti-aging effects.

  • To improve your physical performance, take Niavar and Hypavar before you work out. The benefits will be most noticeable if you exercise regularly.

Infuse contains vital ingredients which reduce muscle pains brought about by physical stress, thus helping you perform better and push yourself to the next level. Moreover, after applying this, it increases cellular energy to provide instant relief and long-term healing. This topical treatment packs powerful nanoparticulate ingredients penetrating deeply into your tissue much more effectively than standard treatments. Enjoy its light smell without worrying about any side effects or allergies most topical pain relief creams can cause. 

  • To use Infuse Transdermal Pain Relief Roll-On, apply it to the affected area. You will notice a numbing of the affected site and an improvement in pain. You can also use this before or after workouts to prevent pain.


The Benefits

Christmas is when people are more likely to indulge and let their health slip. So here are some benefits you can experience when you use Valhalla Vitality’s wellness-based products:


1. Reduce stress and anxiety: THCV in Hypavar helps reduce stress and anxiety while promoting well-being. It's your perfect go-to supplement to relieve holiday stress without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC.


Valhalla Vitality discount code THCV biohacking NMN

2. Support a healthy appetite: If you’re worried about overeating during the holidays, Hypavar can help. THCV in Hypavar has shown to regulate appetite, so you’re less likely to overindulge.


3. Boost cognitive function and memory: If you're concerned about your cognitive function during the holiday season, consider taking nootropics like Hypavar and Niavar. Combine these two to achieve sharper brainpower for those who want to avoid the cognitive decline that can come with the holiday season.


4. Better wound and pain relief: Infuse transdermal roll-on gives you the best of both worlds: pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits. This unique product can help relieve minor aches and pains from daily activities this time of year.

I personally love to use Hypavar on days when I am fasting, as it helps with focus and clarity and suppresses my appetite, making it much easier to remain in fasting mode. I also love Niavar for the NMN content and the longevity support. Finally, Infuse is a great topical treatment for my sore muscles after a workout or for sore shoulders from working at my desk for too long! 




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