Where can I get better informed about leaky gut?

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I enjoyed your podcast with Adam, it was absolutely spectacular to get your perspective, since we fellow biohackers are coming forward. Your approach to Biohacking is amazing, the way you should! You had some challenges with your gut.

Well, that is why I am sending this question. I am kinda experiencing leaky gut, kinda uncomfortable, anyways i have had something similar before, i won and to make this short, it was like 3 years ago. Last week I was kinda overeating ( binge - yeeey) so, combined with low amount of sleep that led up to where I am currently. So, where do you suggest i should go and to get better informed? ( I am kinda paleo/Bulletproof to the most part)

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for reaching out! I am so happy you loved the podcast and got some insight. 
In terms of becoming educated about leaky gut there are a few different ways to go about it. I highly recommend you seek out a local health care professional (nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, functional medicine doctor etc.) who can assess your health as a whole, provide testing opportunities and give personal recommendations. 
I recommend Dr. Joshua Axe for information online, he makes great blog posts and youtube videos about leaky gut.
Here is the link to my full leaky gut story if interested.
Books I would recommend are:
Wheat Belly by Dr. Willaim Davis (this was the book that helped kick off my health journey!)
Eat Dirt by Dr. Joshua Axe
I hope this gets you started! Please follow up if you have any further questions.

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