Do you have any easy recommendations for detoxing?

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Hi there, I was wondering if you had any easy recommendations for detoxing? I'm not a fan of lemon water, but am feeling bloated, irritated and skin is flaring up more than usual. Thanks! 


Hi, thanks for writing in! Usually our livers (our primary detoxification organ) can handle detoxification without our help, however with the overload of toxins in our food, environment and products, many people can benefit from gently helping the body detox.

Below I have shared my favourite methods that I have personally tried. Try one or two and see how you feel. If not helping, try some others. I've ordered them by most successful in each category.


1. Reduce refined, packaged and processed food (shop the perimeter of the grocery store and try eat at home for most meals)

2. Increase fresh organic (if you can afford it) veggies like artichokes, chicory, dandelion leaves, carrots, zucchini and beets. 

3. Take a break from caffeine, alcohol and any other drugs (including Tylenol, Advil etc.) All of these substances have to go through the liver to be metabolized.

4. Increase fibre and water, especially upon rising in the morning



1. Fast by taking a break from eating and allowing the digestive tract and liver to eliminate wastes and toxins. You can try a 16-8 hour fast (don't eat for 16 hours, eat for the other 8), 24 hour + fast, juice fast or 3-5 day fast

2. Saunas, steam rooms and even a hot bath helps the skin secrete toxins and cleanse itself

3. Deep breathing, spinal twists, yoga and any other exercise helps to physically stretch and massage the digestive tract and liver

4. Reduce stress on the body both physically (too many intense workouts) and mentally (what activities do you like doing that make you happy?) 



1. Cysteine or glutathione is a powerful detoxifying molecule

2. Antioxidants: Vitamin A, C, E and selenium

3. Vitamin B complex

4. Cod liver oil or fish oil 

5. Herbal tea blend: 1 part dandelion root, 1 part nettle leaves, 2 parts elder shoot, 2 parts primrose flowers or look for these ingredients in a pre-made organic tea

6. Charcoal or chlorella

Hope this helps! 


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