Any tips on intermittent fasting?

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Any tips on intermittent fasting? I hear about it a lot, but it seems intense to give it a go. Anything would help, thank you.


Hi there, thanks for writing in! Intermittent fasting can be scary and rather nerve racking for those who have never tried it. The idea of "skipping" a meal puts a lot of people off, but the benefits of fasting are well worth it.

Some easy tips to get you started:

1. Start small: How often are you eating currently? Try reducing your eating window from 8am - 8pm to 10am - 8pm at first. Just delaying breakfast a little bit can help the body begin to detox. Once this feels good, try extending further. Have your first meal at 12pm and finish eating at 8pm. This fasting method of 16 hours not eating and 8 hours eating is what I usually do and is by far the easiest fasting method to implement into your life long term.

2. During the hours of fasting, drink plenty of water. I drink a litre of water upon rising with 1g of vitamin C and other minerals to replenish the body's nutrient stores and electrolytes. Keep hydrated!

3.  Try having coffee when fasting. I do this most days when I fast. There is argument around whether ingesting coffee takes you out of fasting or not. Personally I have a couple cups in the morning regardless. If you add milk or sugar this will take you out of a fasting state. Try coffee or tea black, both have zero calories.

4. Some people "fat fast", where they will have bulletproof coffee or fat coffee in the mornings when fasting. The idea here is that you can remain in a fasting state (and ketosis) when only using fat as fuel with no protein or carbohydrates. A lot of people love this type of fasting because they are still ingesting energy and consuming some type of food upon waking.

5. Make sure you are healthy enough to fast. Be cautious if you have any blood sugar irregularities, are pregnant or any other concerning health condition. Consult your healthcare professional for help.


Hope this gets you started!


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